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Things I do to relax when I get home from work


Oftentimes, work just has me so tired and stressed that all I can manage to do is to remove my makeup and climb into bed with exhaustion. Although the major part of my day is spent at my desk, I also spend an indeterminate amount of time on my feet going from one department to another at the office.

Staying calm and relaxed is nearly impossible as well because I live in a crowded apartment complex where the other tenants virtually extend their days into the night just like everybody else to make the rent or just to earn a decent living wage. Ah, the follies of living the upwardly mobile urban existence!

That said, I have been able to establish my own nightly ritual just to be able to relax after a stressful day at work. I FITS!

No, that is not a grammatical error you see there. F stands for a foot spa, which is something I have to relax my feet and legs as well as my entire body. I own a foot spa machine with a simple design, and it even heats up the water from cold, so I do not have to run from the stove with a whistling kettle full of freshly heated water that I still have to carefully pour into the foot spa basin.

My foot spa machine has a nice water temperature control that ensures the water is always at a nicely warm level that penetrates the painful nerve endings on the soles of my feet and goes up to the rest of my body. I do not have to pay outrageous fees just to get my feet pampered and also cleaned because the unit is equipped with a nifty pedicure center.

The component of the foot spa has three attachments that enable me to do my own pedicure and also do deep feet massages at my option. The accessories include a pumice stone for sloughing off the rough skin patches on my feet, an emery board for nail buffing, and a knobbed massager. The tub has roller massagers along with air bubble massage features. Ahh, bliss for my feet, relaxation for my body!

The I in FITS stands for Indulging my pet. I own a dog, you see, and I find it therapeutic to give him the loving care he needs via heath-giving dog food, treats, and chews. It gives me immense satisfaction to see my pet grow with each passing day because I take care of him as best as I can.

The T stands for Tea, as I indulge in my favorite cup of herbal tea that can calm my nerves and bring peace to my often work-troubled mind. I found chamomile and other organic teas on Amazon and bedtimes have never been less stressful and more calming than ever. I love how the different teas give a calming effect that makes me feel sleepy so I can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated the next day.

The S stands for a sleeping mattress, and the one I found has a memory foam core that follows the contours of my body, so my back and neck stress points have gotten fewer and fewer so I wake up well-rested and ready to face another day at work. In an endeavor to enjoy the ultimate sleeping experience, I have paired my super-comfy mattress with a pair of memory foam pillows plus a nice down alternative comforter.

How about you? What do you do to de-stress after a full day of work?

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